Middle School

Middle School

The ninja are back in action in this all-new Level 2 reader based on the first episode in season 8 of the hit LEGO(R) Ninjago TV series airing on Cartoon Network in March 2018!

Wings of Fire

The war is over. The false prophecy has been fulfilled. But the dragonets still have enemies. A dark evil, buried for centuries, is stirring. And a young NightWing may have had the first true prophecy in generations.

Top Secret Ninja

A cool new top-secret manual for children keen to learn the skills of the ninja. Includes instructions for creating your own codes and ciphers as well as a UV pen for writing invisible notes. Also includes a padlock and a black ninja headband.


From the #1 New York Times bestselling author if Heat and Travel Team! What happens when a star player ends up on the worst team? He either learns to lose or he stops playing the game he loves.