13 and Counting




Readers will obsess over the third book in this hilarious and relatable series about best friends who tackle middle school with a list of thirteen things they need to achieve before their first summer apart.

1. Start a movement.

2. Properly thank our teachers before the end of the year.

3. Hula hoop on a unicycle.

Some friends feel like family. So, when big life-stuff happens early in the school year—like divorce drama, a sick Bubbie, and lunch table awkwardness—Kaylan and Ari band together to prove their friendship is 100% strong with a new list of 13 goals to achieve before the school year ends and summer begins. But what happens when the challenges they choose expose issues in their friend group? Can a friendship be real and true if secrets are kept between one BFF and the other?

Told in the alternating perspectives of two lifelong BFFAEs—with goals inspired by real tweens via a PopJam promotion—this friendship list is bound to be the most heartbreaking and hilarious yet.