4th And Goal Every Day (Alabama’s Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection)


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Alabama has won four national titles in eight seasons. Fans and college football programs all over the country want to know, “How does Alabama do it?”

4th and Goal Every Day is a look through the eyes of football lifer Phil Savage who provides a unique, 360-degree perspective on Alabama football from his current role as the radio color analyst for the Crimson Tide Sports Network.

With anecdotes from from his growing up days in Alabama when the Tide won numerous championships in the 1970’s through his 20-year career in the National Football League as a coach, scout and general manager, Savage gives an incredible view of what makes Coach Nick Saban and his teams so successful on an annual basis.

Savage has provided color commentary for every Alabama game since 2009. He initially worked with Nick Saban when they both joined the Cleveland Browns’ coaching staff in 1991. Over the past 111 games, Savage has enjoyed an up close view of the Alabama program’s dedication to recruiting, its commitment to practice and devotion to fundamentals.

You cannot find another person who can intelligently discuss Alabama football in public better than Phil Savage. Together with Ray Glier, this in-depth story chronicles how the Crimson Tide re-emerged as one of the true superpowers in college football.