Cooking Light Chicken




We’ve tested hundreds of chicken recipes in the “Cooking Light” kitchens every year for nearly 20 years. That’s a lot of chicken! And what you’ll find in “Cooking Light Chicken” are the absolute ultimate chicken recipes from all of those years, conveniently compiled here into one must-have collection.

This volume is specially created as part of “The Cooking Light Cook’s Essential Recipe Collection.” When we say essential, we mean necessary, indispensable, even crucial! These are the recipes our staff simply can’t do without. With every recipe, we strive for great taste, exceptional nutrition, and guaranteed success for our “Cooking Light” cooks.

These are the top-rated, most delicious, most reliable recipes that you want in your repertoire when you only have time for the best! In this volume of “The Cooking Light Cook’s Essential Recipe Collection, “you’ll find:

From chicken potpie to coq au vin, and from chicken quesadillas to chicken noodle soup, “Cooking Light Chicken” offers you over 50 of “Cooking Light” magazine’s best-of-the-best chicken recipes. Spoon into a steaming rich casserole of Chicken Tetrazzini. Or bite into a warm, tender Grilled Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich bubbling with melted fontina cheese. Or better yet, fire up the grill for perfectly seasoned Jerk-Style Chicken.