Dinosaurs and Other Beastly Beasts : Facts to Discover, Pictures to Color




The incredible creatures in this book have been compiled and categorized into four chapters, each focusing on amazing creatures from these different time periods:

  • Devonian, Carboniferous & Permian, 419.2 million years ago-358.9 million years ago-298.9 million years ago-252.2 million years ago: from the Giantoscorpio (a crab-like creature that was as big as a house cat) to the Diplocaulus (a lizard-like creature with a boomerang-shaped head)
  • Triassic & Jurassic, 252.2 million years ago-201.3 million years ago 145 million years ago: from the massive Liopleurodon (one of the largest animals to ever inhabit the Earth) to the Geosaurus (a member of the crocodile family)
  • Cretaceous, 145-66 million years ago: from the Spinosaurus (the largest land animal ever found) to Tyrannosaurus (the most famous dinosaur of all time)
  • Tertiary & Quaternary, 66 million years ago-2.6 million years ago – present day: from the Megalodon (with jaws so big that a fully grown human could stand inside of them) to the Gigantopithecus (the largest primate to ever walk the land), and much more.

Color in each striking illustration, and then turn to the back of the page to discover intriguing information about the ferocious and fascinating creatures that once roamed the prehistoric wilderness.