Double Clique




LB messed up. Even though her best friend, Kat, says she’s forgiven her for that whole using-science-to-make-herself-popular thing, things are still pretty weird between them. Then the bully from their old school, Courtenay, shows up — pretending to be nice! Worst of all, Kat seems to . . . like Courtenay? Just when she thought things were getting back to normal, LB’s friendships are more confusing than ever!

She needs a new hypothesis, and fast, to revamp her relationship with Kat before Courtenay can ruin everything again. Sure, LB has never seen a superhero movie or drawn a comic, and LB has definitely never done roller derby before — but if Kat likes those things, why not try? As she steps out of her comfort zone and into Kat’s, LB discovers a world of new adventures. Maybe her first experiment started this mess, but her second plan is sure to fix it! Will her two wrongs make a right?