Dragon Pet (Diary of a Roblox Pro #2)




Ari Avatar is just your average Roblox kid living in a blocky world! Battle monsters and avoid disasters in a Roblox world — all through the eyes of Ari and his friends. Diary of a Roblox Pro is a must-read for any kid who loves to play Roblox!Ari and his friends take a trip with their school to a dormant volcano. Dormant? Sounds like another word for lame. Ari can’t help but sneak off to find some adventure. But they quickly get lost and realize that their class has left without them! Uh-oh. Wait, what’s that rumbling? Maybe the volcano isn’t quite as dormant as they thought. Looks like trouble! Can Ari and his friends escape the creeping lava? Read and find out in the second book in the Diary of a Roblox Pro series!