Life Cycles




If you’re looking for facts about the universe then this is the book for you! Based on key concepts found in the STEM learning curriculum, Life Cycles captures life on the planet through captivating illustrations and photography, amazing facts and easy-to-read text. You’ll take a closer look at the life cycles of environments, and extinct animals like the dinosaurs, too!
The life cycles in this reference book have been carefully chosen to give you an amazing overview of the universe, and how everything is linked. Discover a new life cycle every time you turn the page: how a river forms and changes over time, how a tree grows, see how coral reefs form. Follow the life cycles of weather — from the water cycle to ice ages, to give you a better idea of the climate change we find ourselves in now.
From the single-celled amoeba, mountains, and volcanoes to continents, oceans and the solar system — take a deeper look into life on earth and all its intricacies!