National Geographic Readers: Amazon Animals: 100 fun Facts about Snakes, Sloths, Spiders, and More


Packed with colorful photos and tons of info, this engaging Level 3 Fact Reader takes kids into the heart of the Amazon as they get up close and personal to jaguars, capybaras, howler monkeys, boa constrictors, poison frogs, and more! Elementary-age students who are fluent readers will learn where the animals sleep, eat, play, and hunt in the rainforest’s four layers, what dangers they face to survive, and what people are doing to help them. National Geographic Readers’ combination of expert-vetted text and brilliant images provides accessible yet wide-ranging information for young readers to explore their interests and discover something new. Also includes a photo glossary and interactive features. 48 pages, softcover. Grades 2 – 4.