National Geographic Readers: Animal Superpowers


National Geographic Level 2 Readers contain expert text and brilliant images, perfect for kids who are ready to read on their own and to discover the world around them. From lifting stupendous weights to jumping unbelievable heights, superpowers aren’t just in the movies: they’re really real. This new Level 2 reader features dozens of fascinating animals and their amazing abilities that seem too incredible to be true. Learn about leafcutter ants that can carry 50 times their weight; the mutable rain frog, which can change the texture of its skin to help it camouflage; and the pom-pom crab, which carries sea anemones to strike at foes. Young readers will be amazed by the super speed, epic strength, and jaw-dropping powers of some of the planet’s most awesome animals! 32 pages, softcover. Grades K – 3.