Quick & Easy Air Fryer Cookbook (100 Keto Friendly Recipes to cook in your air fryer)



Combining a favorite diet with a clean way to cook, the Quick & Easy Air Fryer Cookbook brings delicious keto recipes to an appliance that seems like it was made specifically for it.

Organized by favorite types of dishes (BreakfastSides, and Desserts) and Star Ingredients (ChickenPorkVegetables) in such a way that discovering your new favorite recipes are only a turn of the page away. Each recipe is complete with keto macros to assist the health-conscious easily find out their percentages of proteinscaloriesnet carbstotal fattrans fats, and fiber they consume with each meal.

While this book is an excellent addition to the culinary library of keto or air fryer aficionados, introductions to both the keto diet and the air fryer make this a great pick for beginners as well. If you haven’t already heard about what a keto diet is, it involves a diet made predominantly of proteins and excludes carbohydrates. It’s named keto after the raised ketone levels in the blood that curb appetite and increase fat burning. A keto diet comes with strict guidelines, and through air frying your food, you’ll be left with a delectable meal free of any complex carbohydrates and full of flavor.