The Science Collection


This boxed set includes 3 books in the How the World Works series. Chemistry This book traces a story of exploration and discovery, from the earliest applications of chemistry by our ancient forebears. For more than 1,000 years alchemists pursued the transformation of matter, until the advent of modern chemistry in the 17th century set us on the path to the complex science of today. Topics include: Prechemistry since prehistory Alchemy and the transmutation of metals The rise of the scientific method Identifying the chemical elements Understanding gases The nature of the atom Organic chemistry Chemical analysis Physics This book traces the development of physics, from the natural philosophers of the ancient world to cutting-edge experiments in quantum mechanics. Topics include: The Ancient Egyptians and geometry The movement of the planets Algebra, solid geometry, and the trigonometric tables The first computers How statistics came to rule our finances IMpossible shapes and extra dimensions Measuring and mapping the world Chaos theory and fuzzy logic Set theory and the death of numbers | The Science Collection: Math, Physics, Chemistry (How The World Works) by Arcturus Pub