Verity Fairy and Rapunzel




In this captivating interpretation of a classic fairytale, children can rediscover the much-loved story of Rapunzel while
exploring the Magic Kingdom of the fairies–a place where all of the classic fairytales coexist and intertwine. In this retelling of Rapunzel, youngsters can follow Verity and her fairy friends in the Fairy-tale Kingdom and see how they help good prevail over evil, making sure everyone lives happily ever after. Verity means truth, and that is exactly what she does, she tells the truth, ALL the time, and it often gets her into a lot of trouble!
Gorgeous characters, simple text and a splash of humor makes Verity Fairy: The Real Story of Rapunzel a captivating
book to share. A perfect gift for every young child to enjoy, it will spark curiosity and imagination, while gently
encouraging conversation around the difference between right and wrong.