Non-Fiction Favorites

Non-Fiction Favorites
Year In Sports 2020 $9.99

Scholastic’s annual Year in Sports returns with brand-new, exciting coverage of the past year’s sporting events. This 2020 edition features colorful photographs from right in the action, completely updated facts and stats, plus special features on the X Games and other major sports events. Read about all of the top athletes, championships, and legends. Featuring all your favorite stars in baseball, basketball, football, and more, this book is perfect for sports newbies, as well as the most devoted fans.

Magical Adventures $9.99

Get ready to head off on magical adventures in this amazing LEGO(R) Disney Princess(TM) book! Inside you’ll find fun activities, cute comics, and charming stories. Build the bunny miniset, visit Jasmine’s beautiful palace, choose a dress for Aurora, help Tiana find her friends, and so much more! There’s a whole LEGO Disney Princess world just waiting for you to explore!

Sniff Like A Shark 5.99

What if you woke up one morning, and you suddenly had the superpower of an ocean animal? If you could shapeshift like a giant Pacific octopus, you could squeeze through even the smallest gaps. If you could snap your claws like a coconut crab, you could slice through sheets of metal. And if you could sniff like a great white shark, you’d be able to smell treats from miles away! With zany illustrations and amazing true facts, What If You Could Sniff Like a Shark? launches a brand-new series from bestselling creators Sandra Markle and Howard McWilliam. The What If You Could…? books have all the appeal of the What If You Had…? titles, but focus on animal superpowers and feature a fresh new design.

Handbook to the Galar Region $9.99

Meet all the Pokémon of Galar, a brand-new region! Every amazing Pokémon featured in the new Sword & Shield video games is included in this comprehensive handbook. You’ll discover stats and facts about many brand-new Pokémon — and learn new things about some classic favorites as well. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about the Pokémon of Galar!

Super Sharks $5.95

Kids love to be the experts! Now they can feel like real pros with this exciting nonfiction series for beginning readers. Kids will be hooked on the thrilling real-world topics and big, bright photos. Each book features simple sentences and sight words that children can practice reading. Then, with support, kids can dig deeper into the extra facts, Q&As, and fun challenges. Fans of this series will be eager to become real experts!

Abraham Lincoln $6.99

Lincoln was a self-educated man who rose to the highest office in the land. He held the nation together during the Civil War and pushed for the end of slavery in America. He will always be remembered. This series of engaging, in-depth books introduces readers to the men who have led our country since its very first days. Lively text and colorful illustrations are supplemented by fun facts, a timeline, and even a sampling of the subject’s most famous quotes. Presidential Biographies will be the first books kids reach for when writing a report-or if they’re simply looking for a fascinating read!

Big Joke Mash Up! $6.00

Hilarious “would-you-rather” questions, side-splitting excuses for not completing homework, and priceless pranks make this book a hoot from start to finish! This book comes with jokes, fill-ins, doodles, and even a whoopee cushion to inspire the more mischievous reader.

Joke O Rama $5.00

Get ready for a laugh attack with this side-splitting book! Get ready to satisfy your hunger for humor with the hundreds of side-splitting jokes inside this hilarious book. The goofy illustrations and jokes will keep you laughing, and there are even pages for aspiring comedians to jot down their own knee-slappers!

How To Be A Fearless Firefighter $4.00

How to be a fearless firefighter is an exciting reader, perfect for children who dream of joining the fire service. They’ll learn all about fire stations, fire engines and firefighting. Additional firefighter-themed activities help build literacy skills. Includes a fearless firefighter certificate and a badge to iron or sew on.

Fidget Spinner Tricks, Hacks & Mods $5.00

Kids are obsessed with fidget spinners, unique, entertaining devices that are purported to help anxiety, ADHD, and other disorders, as well as generally distract or entertain kids, depending on how you look at it. Introducing the first book that shows kids how to their fidget-spinning to the next level, which includes: An introduction to fidget spinning Beginner, intermediate, and advanced tricks DIY spinner building and design instructions Hack and modifications And other tips and tricks that will make anyone a master spinner in no time! From DIY spinners made from inexpensive ball bearings to flipping tricks and cool mods, this book be will be a hit with any fidget spinner-obsessed kid!